New Business Enquiries

New Business

New business enquiries – for 2017 projects are now being taken.

If you may need a new web design & development, a web site re-design or simply some new features or functionality, or new graphics / photography updates adding to an existing web site, then do feel free to make contact & enquire for a reliable, timely & economical quotation.

Assistance & support also offered with Social Media presence management & Search Engine Optimisation (the latter of which is no longer rocket science, despite what some super-sales people might try to tell you).

Current turnaround time for new projects is currently within a six week time span – elaborate e-commerce developments excepted.

All projects typically delivered on time & within budget, with very occasional (to mutual agreement only) exceptions.

Expert yet reasonably priced services guaranteed.

Social Media!?

Well … life’s been somewhat busy & rather too busy to be much developing the social media presence so far.

Maybe it’ll be along soon, once there’s opportunity to correctly focus this …

It will happen, though increasingly such may be pitched towards photography, every bit as much as all things web.


Lighthouse on Social Media

Telescope Drops Featured Image

After a break of around a year (or so), during which all sorts of other things have happened along with much reflection, Lighthouse is soon to be back on social media with a core presence on: Facebook, Google+, Twitter & Dribble as re-commencements with our social media profile. Once those are underway, some positioning & presence on: Pininterest, Tumblr & Instagram will steadily follow. The new social media presence will roll out across March, 2016.


For those with more geeky interests there’ll also be an unfolding, working presence in & around GitHub (for published web application extensions & the like), BitBucket (which is mainly for professional collaboration in web applications building) and Codepen (which is where you’ll be able to access some examples & aspects of our front-end development work for your occasional delight).

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Lighthouse uses 37signals – as, Highrise for contact management & Basecamp for periodic scheduling & calendar administration.